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 "Art is our own vivid, distorted,   perverted, romantic, idealised or corrupt fantasies of our   interpretations of the past."



Skyiicloud is Skyii Cloud de Montford-Selfridge.
A successful international Artist living between Shropshire and London.  His aim is to interweave the past and present with our futures by seducing the memory of both.
Skyii is vegetarian (nearly vegan) single and interests include, comedy, classic cars, The Mediterranean/North African - lifestyle & culture music, theatre (watching and performing) gardening and his dog Miss B.B (pictured) 

This is a new beginning , having sold many pieces of artwork but this is a new " art as a business' venture, hobby as buiness. sInce looking after parents and trying to work to get this together.  So please bare with us, if we seem somewhat dilatory or hasty, we will find an equilibrium.  Skyii is not a big fan of everything being on line, socail media ( might as well leave your front door wide open)  Finding time to do the creative stuff,  spending too long in front of a screen  instead of infront of a canvas or camera.

Skyii dropped out of Art School to pursue nursing, then seeing that that was more paperwork than actual nursing, he went on to work in the Arts, The Arts Council of England and the Royal Television Society, He set up his owwn art consultation business, travelled the world, he has lived in Rome, New York, Spain & Portugal.

Skyii is also an "Interior Restyler," helping people stage and restyle interiors using art pieces as a main focus and encouraging natural, calming, euilibrium of sustainable vegan living and modernity where possible.
Please enquire for further informfation.

Thank you and be what you fear !

Please make contact if you wish to purchase any art work or want any further information on Interior Stying.
Thank you



(c) Skyii de Montford-Selfridge 2022
Images are for dispaly purpises Only and may not be a true repreesntation of the artwork, all sizes are approximateprices adn details may change without notice please enquire for more details adn any T&C's. Skyii is based in Uk, Shropshire studio and is a sole trader within the UK & London. 4/wv15 5ep request T&C's. 

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