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Interior Restyling

encouraging sustainability

Skyii offers a restyling interior design service

For a one off fee Skyii will restyle your room with the emphasis on Art as the focal point. After studying with the Interior design Institute in 2020 durng Covid lockdown Skyii has developed a keen interest in what he calls, "humane room involvement" by trying to encourage the use of  sustainable, biophillic principles and vegan products and styling wherever possible.

Using a decluttering and rearranging of objects and possessions, SKyii will tranform yout room into a liveable breathable energy space.

The main principles of the restyling are:
Malkng the sapce work for you. The distance beween and around the furniture in relation to proportions of the room. Getting the balance just right relies on "positive" space" ( the space used by objects such as a sofa, table etc etc.  "Negative" space" is the empty space between onjects and the navigation (walkways) in the area.
The structural assets of a room adn its objects within it can create lines that influence a space. for example the vertical lines of a window or door, the horizontal lines of a table. Teh lines of a prominent fireplace.

Form is shape. The shape of the room. The shape of the structural objects, the shape of the furniture and accessories can all add to the overal balance of a room.
Making use of both natural daylight and artificial illumination.
The window coverings , if any, can be a great way to treat a room and use a covering (curtains'blinds etc) to filter out daylight, create privacy
for day or night time. The colour, style and fuction of the dressing of a window is an important process in the rooms feel.
Artificial light comes form ambient lighting and how it functions (remote control/dimmer switches) and wher it is placed. 
Color is important  in a room, because it has the power to make a room feel larger, lighter, or cosier.
Whilst I am a firm believer in clean crips fresh white gallery walls with art and objects adding the colour some coloured walls can work. ( though i do try to prevent it as a trend, as trends change whilst white walls are timeless.
The feel of texture affects our emotions just as much as light and colour. Texture from furniture, soft furnishing, fabrics, floorvcovering and accessories can add a depth and interest to a space.
The texture in pattern can be a powerful way to transform a room.
A balance of these principles will help t achieve a living space ideal for your own personal needs.

Please contact Skyii for further information and for a free initial telephone chat.
Visit our contact page.

As a new enterrpise the restyling consultation service is being offered for **FREE for a limited period only.
The only costs to you will be
*the purchasing of goods/services ( such as decorators, carpenters etc furnshings and all goods needed to satisfy the brief.)  
* Travel fee - a fee pre arranged and agreed to cover site visits and any meetings.

 Please make contact on the 'contacts' page to discuss fees.

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